Stroke Care Pathway

With stroke, time is everything. Support safe, fast decisions with Evolve.

Stroke is the 4th biggest killer in the UK, with someone experiencing a life-changing or fatal stroke every 5 minutes.

Speed is of the essence – the quicker the treatment, the better the patient outcome. Currently two-thirds of patients leave hospital with disabilities following a stroke – the challenge is significant.

With the Evolve Care Pathway for Stroke, we help clinicians, teams and organisations collaborate on better, more efficient stoke care.

Stroke Care Pathway

Stroke care needs tools that bring

  • Speed

    Enabling treatment within the initial minutes of a stroke episode – ensuring tPa eligibility is ascertained quickly to enable administration within the required time window

  • Collaboration

    Ensuring everyone providing care is aware of status of treatment requirements and next steps, improving quality and removing “blind spots”

  • Best practice

    Following established guidelines to reduce variation and improve outcomes whilst improving efficiency and reducing cost

  • Knowledge sharing

    Supporting local, regional and national stroke auditing programmes (e.g. SSNAP) through better reporting

Evolve Stroke Care Pathway at-a-glance :

  • Quick patient registration

    Stroke pathways can be initiated automatically via an incoming PAS message (via the Evolve Integrated Care Connector Framework), or manually where the patient is not registered within the PAS

  • Intuitive pathway flow

    Pathway tasks are automatically highlighted for action, saving time and ensuring best practices can be easily followed via intuitive electronic forms on desktop and mobile devices

  • Supporting clinical decisions

    Countdowns for the “Golden Hour” and best-practice treatment window are automatically shown. Calculators such as the NIHSS stroke score help determine the flow of the care pathway to ensure the best outcomes

  • Integrated

    With integration to the national SSNAP database, Evolve helps you contribute your knowledge to help improve stroke care for every patient

Find out more

If you are interested in finding out more about Stroke Care Pathway please get in touch and one of our team will be delighted to talk to you about how Evolve can help you share patient records for collaborative, outcomes-based care.