Emergency Care

Ensure efficiency and quality when time is critical

Responding to an emergency incident requires supporting information systems that are intuitive, responsive, and able to cope with unreliable communications networks. Time is critical – accuracy and collaboration are key.

Watch how we helped the South East Coast Ambulance Service transform patient care by allowing clinicians to capture electronic Patient Clinical Record (ePCR) data at the scene of the incident and share it with receiving hospitals at the A&E department, clinic or ward.

Information when and where it’s needed most

Our solutions enable automation of the Emergency Care pathway, from initial response, incident reporting and triage to handover into receiving Emergency Departments and subsequent care pathways.

With solutions for referral and discharge, all parties involved in the patient’s care are informed of the encounter, subsequent pathways and outcomes efficiently, saving time and reducing cost of care.

With our partnership with Telehealth providers, the most appropriate clinicians are always at-hand, ensuring the best treatment wherever care takes place.

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Case Study

Discover how we helped South East Coast Ambulance Service transform patient care

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