Specialty-Specific Care Pathways

Flexible, rapidly-deployable specialty pathways

Our solutions provide a rich set of capabilities to enable Care Pathway Automation across clinicians, teams and organizations.

Within any clinical specialty, the aggregation, creation and sharing of patient information between clinicians and with legacy IT systems is key. Our unified view of the patient enables consistent clinical data capture whilst routing information to your key teams and individuals wherever it’s needed.

We are enabling our customers and partners to innovate across a wide range of clinical specialties :

  • Stroke

    Capture and manage information within the stroke pathway, enabling collaboration and pathway management when time is critical.


  • Paediatric Care

    Track your patient’s growth and progress through their early years, and provide a comprehensive set of paediatric services regardless of care location.

  • Behavioural Health

    Triage and stratify your patients, providing efficient access to care, making the most of your behavioural health resources.

  • Emergency Care

    Capture and share patient information from the initial response, triage and treatment through to handover to receiving locations.

    More about Emergency care

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If you are interested in finding out more about Specialty-Specific Care Pathways please get in touch and one of our team will be delighted to talk to you about how Evolve can help you share patient records for collaborative, outcomes-based care.