Referral & Discharge Management

Bring consistency and collaboration to your patient flow

Referrals and Discharges are the lifeblood of any healthcare provider, ensuring an efficient, effective flow of patients to the right teams and organisations at the right time.

To respond to increasing needs for high-quality care, healthcare providers need to be able to collaborate effectively, ensuring no patient gets “left behind” due to poor handover processes.

Our solutions for Referrals and Discharge management ensure efficient triage, acceptance and treatment of patients by the most appropriate teams, and comprehensive discharge information automatically sent upon completion of the encounter.

"Every new patient is now created electronically, giving us substantial efficiencies, boosting the quality of patient care. eDischarge has been particularly successful with Primary Care able to receive discharge summaries electronically within 12 hours."

Mike Meers

Chief Information Officer, The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust

  • Automation

    Accept and dispatch referral and discharge information automatically via HL7, ensuring efficient collaboration with your teams and care partners

  • Consistency

    Automate workflow for referrals management, triage and assignment, helping you track and prioritise incoming referrals consistently, regardless of source

  • Flexibility

    Modify and tailor workflow processes using our intuitive, powerful workflow designer studio to meet changing requirements for referral and discharge management

  • Security

    Ensure sensitive referral and discharge information is handled by the appropriate parties, with auditing to show who has interacted with the information

  • Improved Billing

    Protect and improve revenues through more accurate information from incoming referrals, subsequent care pathway activities and discharge summaries

  • Compliance

    Ensure requirements for waiting times and discharge summary sending can be met, helping protect against financial penalties and promote your brand.

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Case Study

Discover how Evolve helped the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust introduce Electronic Discharge

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