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Cross-Specialty Care Pathways

Cross Speciality Care Pathways

Repeatable, flexible collaboration and care across your organisation

Healthcare providers need to improve efficiency and effectiveness, streamlining and transforming pre- and post-specialist stages within a care pathway.

Evolve enables you to rapidly build and deploy cross-specialty pathways to maximise your resources, leading to better outcomes at lower cost

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Specialty-Specific Care Pathways

Specialty-Specific Care Pathways Icon

Rapidly automate care pathways for better outcomes at lower cost

With the need to provide “the best care, every time” to your patients, optimising the specialist care pathway is vital.

We have a wealth of experience in enabling our customer and partners to transform care delivery across a wide range of clinical specialties, teams and organisations.

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Care Pathway Automation for partners

Care Pathway Automation for partners

The power to innovate

With the need to reduce time-to-market, and the desire to focus on innovation rather than the “plumbing” underneath, solution providers need a secure foundation to build upon.

The Evolve Integrated Care Platform helps our partners focus on bringing their transformative solutions to healthcare providers today.

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Shared Care Records

Shared care records

Joining up the care continuum

Providing care across your entire continuum of provider and partner organisations needs information that flows easily.

Evolve’s Shared Care Record provides a comprehensive, patient-centric view of patients across your teams and partners, by leveraging your existing IT investment and solving the EHR integration challenge.

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Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Record

Digital Maturity for more efficient care

Care that flows across teams and organisations needs digital-based patient information available wherever care happens.

The on-premise or cloud-based Evolve Electronic Medical Record solution helps you reach Digital Maturity to integrate better across your teams and partner organisations.

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